Winter 99: Topics in Computer Animation

Seminar Announcement:

The goal of this seminar is to review existing techniques and to explore new computer animation techniques. Computer Animation has become of increased interest and popularity in graphics research and mainstream media. It has grown into a rich discipline ranging from computer based tools for traditional animation to the creation of new animation paradigms. We will read and discuss key papers covering modeling and animation techniques with special focus on animating humans or caricatures. It includes topics in traditional principles of animation, physical simulation, procedural methods, motion capture, image based rendering, and machine learning techniques applied to facial and full body animation --- and we will watch lots of videos.

This seminar is not about teaching you how to use various commercial software packages for animation, although you're welcome to use it for your project. This class has more a reading group flavor for students interested in the computer science research aspects of animation. We will teach several intro lectures to different areas, but most papers should be presented by class participants.

Since we will put a special emphasis on video-based / data-driven techniques, this should be interesting for students in graphics, vision and other related areas.


1 unit: Presentation of paper from the reading list.
3 units: Presentation of paper and class project.

Time and Place:

CS448 Winter 99: Thu 2 - 4, 392 Gates.


Chris Bregler
James Kuffner

Online Slides: