Subdivision Surfaces


An example of a subdivision surface
with control mesh shown.

characteristic map

An approximation to a characteristic map;
such maps are used to analyze smoothness
properties of subdivision.

Difference operation applied to
two subdivision surfaces.

Subdivision is an algorithmic technique to generate smooth surfaces as a sequence of successively refined polyhedral meshes. Subdivision algorithms are exceptionally simple, work for arbitrary control meshes and produce globally smooth surfaces. Special choices of subdivision rules allow for the introduction of features into a surface in a simple way. Subdivision-based representations of complex geometry can be manipulated and rendered very efficiently, which makes subdivision a highly suitable tool for interactive animation and modeling systems. Over the last few years, subdivision surfaces were integrated into a number of commerical modeling and rendering systems, including Pixar's Renderman, Alias|Wavefront's Maya 3.0, Newtek's Lightwave 3D, Nichimen's Mirai, Intel Architechture Lab's 3D Software Technologies. Subdivision surfaces were used to create characters in Pixar and Disney/Pixar productions Geri's Game, Bug's Life, Toy Story 2.

Subdivision and related multiresolution are active areas of research in our lab; Our curent research directions include




Subdivide our implementation of piecwise smooth subdivision surfaces.


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