Quikgame Screen

Quikgame -- Game for Quikwriting   

For PocketPC, implemented by Peng Yang

Quikgame is a specially designed game to practice Quikwriting. It runs on Windows CE Version 3.0. You can download Quikwriting for PocketPC Platform and see more information about it from the following web site:


1. Find out the processor of the device:
On your handheld device, go to the Start Menu->Settings->System->About.
Usually, there are three kinds of processors: StrongARM, MIPS, SH3. You should find one of them. If not, this game cannot be run on your PocketPC.

2. Download the cab file
Download the cab file for Quikgame for your device processor: StrongARM , MIPS , or SH3. Save the download file to a place on your desktop computer. You will find one zip file named,, or Unzip it. You will find another zip-looking file named quikgame.ARM_300.CAB, quikgame.MIPS_300.CAB, or quikgame.SH3_300.CAB in the folder. Please do NOT unzip it.

3. Install
Set up your mobile device and synchronize it with the desktop computer.
Go to My Computer->Mobile Device->My Pocket PC->Windows->Start Menu.
Copy the CAB file you have downloaded into the Start Menu folder. Then go to the handheld device, tap the Start tab. At this time you will see the CAB file in the list of your Start Menu. Click on it to install. The CAB file will disappear after the installation is completed.

4. Where to find Quikgame after installation
Quikgame is installed in the Games folder of the handheld device by default. So you can tap Start-> Programs-> Games. Then you will see the Quikgame icon! Tap to start the game.

5. Where to find help for Quikgame
Go to Start->Help->Quikgame. Or start the game and click the Help->Help Topics button on the menu. Or start the game and click Start->Help.

How to use Quikgame

Quikgame is a pretty straightforward typing game to help you learn Quikwriting.

The Exercise is divided into two parts: Letters and Mixed. Letters focuses on the practice of 26 alphabetical letters. Mixed combines the alphabetical letters and special characters together. You can get information about your input speed and input accuracy by pressing the OK button on the top right corner of the screen, after you finish the input.

The Game has four levels, with increasing difficulty. If you just start to learn Quikwriting, the hint in Level 1 of the game will be helpful. You can also change the speed of the game by choosing Speed from the menu.

Please see the Help file in the game for more information.

Have Fun!!!