Hypertexture is an extension of the procedural texture paradigm first introducted in [Perlin85], which allows one to create procedurally generated textures evaluated throughout volumes to synthesize the appearance of highly textural shapes (e.g., flame, fluids, eroded materials, fur) [Perlin89, Perlin98]. We are interested in applying these techniques as an aid to interactive visualization of complex fluid flow [see fireball at right] and light refraction models [see blue glass at right].

Continuous light refraction in particular is a challenging and potentially important area - in general, currently available optical components cause light to refract only at thin interfaces between media with differing indices of refraction. In a medium with continuously varying refractive index (such as in an atmosphere, flame, or other temperature-varying fluid), light travels in curved paths. The ability to model and visualize such light transport is useful for both analysis and synthesis of the effects of such light propagation.



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Procedurally generated textures evaluated throughout volumes to synthesize the appearance of highly textural shapes: flame, fluids, eroded materials, fur. An extension of results from {\it Image Synthesizer} paper to shape synthesis.
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Combines five ideas for visual texture synthesis: (i) 3D space as the texture domain, (ii) an intermediate ``point/normal pixel'' format, (iii) allow arbitrary procedural mappings from point/normal pixels to intensity, (iv) a powerful primitive for introducing controllable noise, (v) an interactive language and environment for texture design. Used to create realistic visual textures of: marble, water waves, fire, clouds, oil films.