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LinAlg::Vec4< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for LinAlg::Vec4< T >, including all inherited members.
begin() const LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
begin()LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
const_iterator typedefLinAlg::Vec4< T >
data() const LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
data()LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
description()LinAlg::Vec4< T > [static]
end() const LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
end()LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
equal(const Vec4 &v, const T eps) const LinAlg::Vec4< T >
inner(const Vec4 &u, const Vec4 &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
iterator typedefLinAlg::Vec4< T >
length() const LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
lengthSqr() const LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
limit(const std::pair< T, T > &l)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
limit(const T lower, const T upper)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
limit(const Vec4 &lower, const Vec4 &upper)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
m_dataLinAlg::Vec4< T > [protected]
max(const Vec4 &u, const Vec4 &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
min(const Vec4 &u, const Vec4 &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
normalized(const Vec4 &u)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
num_dims enum value (defined in LinAlg::Vec4< T >)LinAlg::Vec4< T >
num_elements enum value (defined in LinAlg::Vec4< T >)LinAlg::Vec4< T >
operator *(const Vec4< T > &u, const T s)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
operator *(const T s, const Vec4< T > &u)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
operator *=(const Scalar d)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
operator!=(const Vec4 &u, const Vec4 &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
operator()(const unsigned i) const LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
operator()(const unsigned i)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
operator+(const Vec4 &u, const Vec4 &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
operator+=(const Vec4 &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
operator-(const Vec4 &u)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
operator-(const Vec4 &u, const Vec4 &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
operator-=(const Vec4 &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
operator/(const Vec4< T > &u, const T s)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
operator/=(const Scalar d)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
operator=(const Vec4 &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
operator==(const Vec4 &u, const Vec4 &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
prod() const LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
proj(const Vec4 &u, const Vec4 &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [friend]
self_type typedefLinAlg::Vec4< T >
size() const LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
sum() const LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
unit(const unsigned index)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [static]
value_type typedefLinAlg::Vec4< T >
Vec4()LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
Vec4(const T v0, const T v1, const T v2, const T v3)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
Vec4(const Vec4< Other > &v)LinAlg::Vec4< T > [inline]
zero()LinAlg::Vec4< T > [static]

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