Liquid Sounds

This was the working space of my original Master's thesis at UBC, which was to simulate the sounds generated by liquids splashing, etc. It's now dead because of a distinct lack of high-quality free fluid simulators out there. (I moved on to non-photorealistic rendering.) However, I did do some fun recordings and some preliminary literature searches and analysis.

Birds in the Hand

  1. A reminder about transmission/reflection coefficients for a wave travelling from water to air. (Sept. 5, 2001)
  2. Some low-quality (but interesting!) sound recordings of real water droplets hitting a water surface and generating the classical bloop noise. Also information about the setup that produced them. (Oct. 8, 2001)
  3. The analytic solution ( PS, PDF, HTML ) of a vibrating bubble in a fluid. (Oct. 15, 2001, updated Oct. 22, 2001)
  4. A set of simulation parameters which should closely mimic the setup of the above recordings. (Oct. 17, 2001)
  5. A summary of the literature I've reviewed. (Ongoing, posted Oct. 18th)
  6. Some early noises (Oct 23, 2001)
  7. A whole bunch of sounds exploring the parameter space of the analytic solution to the underwater bubble. (Oct. 26, 2001)

Birds in the Bush

  1. Collect all my scattered literature notes into a coherent bibliography and a literature review.
  2. Proper sound recordings and photographs of a droplet impact so we have something to compare to, play with for inspiration.
  3. Look at resonances of surface cavities generated by the droplets. Need simulation results!