G22.2270 Computer Graphics, Fall 2005

Instructor: Denis Zorin, dzorin@mrl.nyu.edu
Office hours: Tuesday, 3pm-4pm, rm. 1201, 715 Bway
Time: 5:00-6:50pm Tuesday
Location: WWH 102
Class-related e-mail: intro-graphics@mrl.nyu.edu
TA: Elif Tosun, elif at mrl.nyu.edu, rm 1210 719 Broadway, office hours: Friday, 4pm-5:30pm or by appointment.

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Course syllabus

Requirements and grading policies

Prerequisites No prior knowledge of computer graphics is required. The knowledge of basic linear algebra is assumed. Solid programming skills in UNIX or Windows environments in C or C++, C++ is strongly preferred. Assignments cannot be done in Java.

Grading There will be regular programming assignments and one or two written assignments. The programming assignments will count for approximately 80% and the written assignments for 20% of the final grade. There will be no midterm or final.

Late policy The penalties for turning in assignments after the deadline are as follows:

If you need an extension, you have to contact the instructor in advance. Extensions will not be granted on the last day, unless there are unexpected circumstances beyond your control.

Grading of programming assignments Your grade will depend on the quality of your code. We expect you to follow the guidlines of the style guide. Up to 50% penalty applies if your program crashes (does not apply to assert failures).


Instructions for submitting the assignments

Books and papers

Lecture notes

September 6 Lecture 1. Introduction and Geometry review.
September 13 Sample code: template.cpp, movingsquare.cpp. 2D vector template class. 3D vector template class.
September 20Homogeneous coordinates and transformations.
September 27Hierarchical transformations; viewing and perspective transformations. Code written at the lecture.
October 4Image processing, introduction.
A concise summary of the relevant math in "Numerical Recipes". Sec 12.0-12.2.
Preview of the next lecture Image processing II
October 18Scan conversion and textures
October 25Lighting
November 1Curves, Projection textures.
November 8Mesh data structures.
November 15Subdivision surfaces. Sample code for OpenGL selection.
November 22Ray tracing.

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