How to submit the assignments

Please follow these instructions; these will help us to grade assignments in a timely manner

DO NOT use instructor's e-mail address to submit the programming assignments; use

Written assignments should be turned in at the class on the due date.

Programming assignments

For each assignment you should create a directory first_name.last_name/hw#, where # stands for the assignment number, in your CIMS home directory.

The directory should contain a file called README. In the README file you should explain the following:

  • The operating system your program works on (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).
  • How to compile your program.
  • How to run your program, and the command lines you have used to generate test images (if applicable).
  • any additional information you feel you need to provide.
  • The directory should contain the following:

  • complete source code of your program;
  • a working executable.
  • the Makefile (UNIX) or the project file (Windows with Visual C++);
  • all test files (input and output generated by your program) required by the assignment.
  • If your program uses any shared libraries (.so on UNIX, .dll on NT) in addition to standard libraries, OpenGL and GLUT, you should provide these libraries; it is preferable to avoid this.
  • To submit the assignment: create an archive with all files and send it as an attachment to
    The subject of the message should be "hw #", where # is the assignment number.

    The time stamp on your mail is considered to be the time when your assignment was submitted.

    If the size of the archive is too large for you to send by mail (because of a slow connection or other reasons), send only the source files, the makefile or the project file, and README. Include a link to a web page where the images and executables can be downloaded from. Do not make any changes to the files you post on this page after your homework is submitted.