This syllabus is subject to change.
September 6 Introduction and geometry review
September 13 Geometry review continued, 2D transformations
September 20 3D transformations, texture mapping
September 27 Image processing basics: Fourier transforms, aliasing.
October 4 Image processing algorithms: scaling, blurring, sharpening, edge detection.
October 11 Scan conversion. OpenGL transformation pipeline.
October 18 Viewing and perspective transformations, Visibility algorithms
November 1 Curves.
Novermber 8 Representing surfaces: spline patches and subdivision surfaces.
November 15 Lighting: physical basis of illumination, physical units. Lambert's law, ideal reflections. OpenGL model. Advanced lighting models.
November 22 Ray tracing; ray-object intersections
November 29 Ray tracing acceleration, stochastic methods.
December 6 Programmable graphics hardware.
December 13 Advanced textures: normal maps, procedural textures.