Project Suggestions

  1. Create a world with unusual physics: different exponents for gravity, interactions depending on velocity, slow light speed so that special relativity effects are obvious.
  2. Sound modeling: squeaky floors or shoes, shoes (compute sound from deformation).
  3. Model deformation of a bundle of straw. More ambitious: do a complete physically-based simulation of the main events of three little pigs.
  4. Shell simulation (Eitan Grinspun can tell in greater detail.)
  5. Create traditional animation effects using simulation by varying external forces and object parameters.
  6. Model a loose fire hose.
  7. Look at simulation papers done in 80's; What can be done in real time now?
  8. Make some perpetual motion machines that work in a simulated framework based on a set of commonly used simplifying assumptions. Find an interesting perpetual motion machine design, and tweak laws of physics in your simulation to make it work.
  9. Develop a system for interactive simulation of simple deformable objects on the responsive workbench.
  10. Denis Zorin