Topics in Computer Graphics

Tuesday 5:00 pm-7:00 pm

719 Broadway, room 1221

Denis Zorin, office hours: Tue 2:30-3:30pm and by appointment

Aaron Hertzmann office hours: by appointment


A part of the course will survey several topics in geometric modeling, concentrating on computer representations of surfaces used in computer graphics applications. The following topics will be covered: Spline curves and surfaces, subdivision. In the second part we will discuss applications of machine learning in computer graphics. Many things that we would like to render or animate can be extremely difficult or impossible to model explicitly, such as the mapping from images to 3D models or creativity of a talented artist. Rather than attempt to engineer such complex models, it is often more effective to automatically learn the model from data. This section of the course will give an overview of some of the ways that learning can be used in computer graphics.


Mathematics: linear algebra, calculus.
Computer Science: solid programming ability in at least one language (Java, C++, C). An introductory graduate class in computer graphics is recommended.


The grade will be primarily based on the course project. A list of suggested projects will be provided; however, students may choose their own project. In either case, the intended project should be discussed with the instructor.

October 10 A detailed description of the proposed project.

November 11 Progress report.

Finals week Projects due.


Project Ideas

Lectures and readings

Denis Zorin