Computer Graphics
Summer 2006

Tuesdays, 6pm - 8:20pm
WWH 101

Elif Tosun
719 Broadway
12th Fl, Rm 1210
elif at mrl dot nyu dot edu

Office Hours : By Appointment


Class Information

No prior knowledge of computer graphics is required for this class. However, you will need to have knowledge of basic linear algebra. Solid programming skills in UNIX or Windows environments in C/C++ is required.

We will cover the mathematical concepts behind computer graphics as well as the C/C++ implementations of these concepts by means of OpenGL. There will be regular programming assignments. One or two short written assignments may also be added in order to confirm your understanding of the mathematics. There will not be a final exam therefore these assignments  will determine your grade.  

Late submissions will not be accepted. If you need an extension you need to contact me at least a week in advance.

Please sign up for the class mailing list at:

Posting questions here would increase your chances of getting an answer fast and any class-related announcements from me (or the TA) will be posted there.  Feel free to contact me or the TA with further questions. 


Required :

Peter Shirley and  M. Ashikmin, M. Gleicher, S.R. Marschner, E. Reinhard,  K. Sung, W.B. Thompson, P. Willemsen
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (2nd Edition, 2005)
ISBN: 1568812698

Recommended :
Dave Shreiner, Mason Woo, Jackie Neider, Tom Davis,
The OpenGL Programming Guide, Version 1.4, 4nd Edition
Addison-Wesley, 2003
(Earlier editions are also sufficient, newer versions are also available; OpenGL 1.1 version of the book, a. k. a. "the red book",  is available on line, see this page.)

There's also the reference book, a. k. a. "the blue book", which you can find the earlier version of here

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