Computer Graphics
Summer 2007

Tuesdays, 6pm - 8:20pm
WWH 101

A tentative list of topics include transformations(viewing, perspective), image processing, textures, lighting, curves and surfaces, and ray tracing. If you are interested in a topic and would like it to be covered please contact me and if suitable we will add it to the syllabus. I will post related lecture notes/slides in the following table as we make progress.

May 15 Lecture 1: Introduction to Graphics, Math Review
May 22 Lecture 2: Math Review 2, Intro to OpenGL
Files: cvec2t.h cvec3t.h template.cpp movingsquare.cpp
May 29 Lecture 3: Transformations and Homogeneous Coordinates
Lecture 3 - version 2 (see if the equations are visible here)
Jun 5 Lecture 4: Viewing, Projection and Viewport Transformations
Jun 12 Lecture 5: Scan Conversion and Texture Mapping
Jun 19 Lecture 6: Blending, Lighting and Material Properties
Jun 26 Lecture 7: Curves and Surfaces
Jul 3 Lecture 8: Image Processing
Jul 10 Lecture 9: Meshes and Subdivision
Jul 17 Lecture 10: Mesh review, Picking, Ray Casting
Jul 24 Lecture 11: More Ray Tracing
Jul 31 Last Lecture : Mini-project Presentations