OffMat< F > Member List

This is the complete list of members for OffMat< F >, including all inherited members.

_dataOffMat< F >
_mOffMat< F >
_nOffMat< F >
_owndataOffMat< F >
_sOffMat< F >
_tOffMat< F >
clmdata(int j)OffMat< F > [inline]
data() const OffMat< F > [inline]
m() const OffMat< F > [inline]
n() const OffMat< F > [inline]
OffMat(int m=0, int n=0, int s=0, int t=0)OffMat< F > [inline]
OffMat(int m, int n, int s, int t, bool owndata, F *data)OffMat< F > [inline]
OffMat(const OffMat &C)OffMat< F > [inline]
operator()(int i, int j) const OffMat< F > [inline]
operator()(int i, int j)OffMat< F > [inline]
operator=(const OffMat &C)OffMat< F > [inline]
resize(int m, int n, int s, int t)OffMat< F > [inline]
s() const OffMat< F > [inline]
t() const OffMat< F > [inline]
~OffMat()OffMat< F > [inline]

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