SVDRep Class Reference

#include <svdrep.hpp>

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Detailed Description

SVD - Singular Value Decomposition Rrepresentation of some input matrix.

The SVD Decomposition of a matrix, A, can be written as U*S*V^T where S is a diagonal matrix of singular values, U and V are orthogonal matrices. This decompition allows for fast solving a a system of linear equations. Here, the Lapack Fortran code for DGESVD is called. See lapack.h for more information

Definition at line 31 of file svdrep.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 SVDRep ()
 SVDRep (const SVDRep &C)
 ~SVDRep ()
SVDRepoperator= (const SVDRep &c)
DblNumMatU ()
DblNumVecS ()
DblNumMatVT ()
int construct (double epsilon, const DblNumMat &M)
int dgemv (double alpha, const DblNumVec &X, double beta, DblNumVec &Y, double tol=0.0)
int dgemv (double alpha, double *X, double beta, double *Y, double tol=0.0)
int m () const
int k () const
int n () const

Protected Attributes

DblNumMat _matU
DblNumVec _matS
DblNumMat _matVT

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