int SVDRep::dgemv double  alpha,
const DblNumVec X,
double  beta,
DblNumVec Y,
double  tol = 0.0

Perform the operation:

y = alpha*M*X + beta*Y where M is the original matrix from the SVDRep.

Using the SVD representation, this dgemv operation is performed more quickly. This also uses the Blas DGEMV opaeration seen in blas.h

Definition at line 83 of file svdrep.cpp.

References _matU, _matVT, NumVec< F >::data(), iA, iC, NumMat< F >::m(), NumVec< F >::m(), and NumMat< F >::n().

00084 {
00085   iA(Y.m() == _matU.m());
00086   iA(X.m() == _matVT.n());
00087   iC( dgemv(alpha,, beta,, tol) );
00089   return 0;
00090 }

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