Kernel3d Member List

This is the complete list of members for Kernel3d, including all inherited members.

_coefsKernel3d [protected]
_kernelTypeKernel3d [protected]
coefs()Kernel3d [inline]
coefs() const Kernel3d [inline]
dim()Kernel3d [inline]
homogeneous() const Kernel3d
homogeneousDeg(vector< double > &) const Kernel3d
kernel(const DblNumMat &srcPos, const DblNumMat &srcNor, const DblNumMat &trgPos, DblNumMat &inter)Kernel3d
Kernel3d()Kernel3d [inline]
Kernel3d(int kernelType, const vector< double > &coefs)Kernel3d [inline]
Kernel3d(const Kernel3d &c)Kernel3d [inline]
kernelType()Kernel3d [inline]
kernelType() const Kernel3d [inline]
operator=(const Kernel3d &c)Kernel3d [inline]
srcDOF() const Kernel3d
trgDOF() const Kernel3d

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