Let3d Class Reference

#include <let3d.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file let3d.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 Let3d (const string &p)
 ~Let3d ()
DblNumMat *& srcPos ()
DblNumMat *& trgPos ()
Point3 & center ()
int & rootLevel ()
double radius ()
int & ptsMax ()
int & maxLevel ()
int setup (map< string, string > &opts)
int print ()
vector< Node > & nodeVec ()
int srcNodeCnt ()
int srcExaCnt ()
int trgNodeCnt ()
int trgExaCnt ()
int srcData ()
int trgData ()
int calgnext (int gNodeIdx)
int dwnOrderCollect (vector< int > &)
int upwOrderCollect (vector< int > &)
Nodenode (int gNodeIdx)
bool root (int gNodeIdx)
bool terminal (int gNodeIdx)
int parent (int gNodeIdx)
int child (int gNodeIdx, const Index3 &idx)
Index3 path2Node (int gNodeIdx)
int depth (int gNodeIdx)
int tag (int gNodeIdx)
Point3 center (int gNodeIdx)
double radius (int gNodeIdx)
int findgnt (int depth, const Index3 &path2Node)
bool adjacent (int, int)
int dim () const

Protected Attributes

DblNumMat * _srcPos
DblNumMat * _trgPos
Point3 _center
int _rootLevel
int _ptsMax
int _maxLevel
vector< Node_nodeVec
int _level
int _srcNodeCnt
int _srcExaCnt
int _trgNodeCnt
int _trgExaCnt


class  Node

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