fmm3d_mpi Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ComObject_MPIComObject_MPI class for communication purposes. ComObject stores basic message passing interface (mpi) information such as size and rank as defined in files included from using petsc */
Dense3d_MPIDense3d_MPI implements setup and evaluate from KnlMat3d_MPI the solver is a "dense" solver - meaning that fmm is not used, and the solution is "exact"
FMM3d_MPIFMM3d_MPI inherits from KnlMat3d_MPI. Specific information for computing and using FMM are implemented here. Specifically, setup and evaluate and inherits source positions, etc. See knlmat3d_mpi.hpp for more information
FMM3d_MPI::NodeNode class for FMM3d_MPI stores access functions to NodeExt
FMM3d_MPI::NodeExtExtra node information. Different from Let3d_MPI::NodeExt
Kernel3d_MPIStatic class Kernel3d_MPI for 3d kernels of various types for parallel fmm3d code, fmm3d_mpi
KnlMat3d_MPIKnlMat3d_MPI is an mpi version of KnlMat3d - storing kernel and matrix information for 3d. KnlMat3d_MPI builds upon ComObject_MPI - for use with FMM_3d_MPI or Dense3d_MPI by including virtual functions for setup() and evaluate(...) as well as accesses to information such as source positions, target values, etc
Let3d_MPILET = Local Essential Tree. See detailed description for more information
Let3d_MPI::NodeThe Node class stores information for a node or box in the octree. See for more detailed information
Let3d_MPI::NodeExtNodeExt stores information for a node such U, v, w, and X-lists as well as indices for contributor, evaluator and user nodes
MatMgnt3d_MPIMatrix Magament MPI implementation. Information for up/down equivalent/check surfaces contained here as well as how to transition and multiply between them. For use in fmm3d_mpi_eval.cpp in the FMM3d_MPI::evaluate(.,.) function. More information available

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