FMM3d_MPI Class Reference

#include <fmm3d_mpi.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for FMM3d_MPI:

KnlMat3d_MPI ComObject_MPI List of all members.

Detailed Description

FMM3d_MPI inherits from KnlMat3d_MPI. Specific information for computing and using FMM are implemented here. Specifically, setup and evaluate and inherits source positions, etc. See knlmat3d_mpi.hpp for more information.

Definition at line 36 of file fmm3d_mpi.hpp.

Public Types

typedef pair< int, int > intpair
enum  { UE = 0, UC = 1, DE = 2, DC = 3 }

Public Member Functions

 FMM3d_MPI (const string &p)
 ~FMM3d_MPI ()
Point3 & ctr ()
int & rootLevel ()
int & np ()
int setup ()
int evaluate (Vec srcDen, Vec trgVal)
int check (Vec srcDen, Vec trgVal, int numchk, double &rerr)
Let3d_MPIlet ()
MatMgnt3d_MPImatmgnt ()
Nodenode (int gNodeIdx)

Protected Member Functions

int datSze (int tp)
int SrcEqu2TrgChk_dgemv (const DblNumMat &srcPos, const DblNumMat &srcNor, const DblNumMat &trgPos, const DblNumVec &srcDen, DblNumVec &trgVal)
int SrcEqu2UpwChk_dgemv (const DblNumMat &srcPos, const DblNumMat &srcNor, Point3 trgctr, double trgrad, const DblNumVec &srcDen, DblNumVec &trgVal)
int SrcEqu2DwnChk_dgemv (const DblNumMat &srcPos, const DblNumMat &srcNor, Point3 trgctr, double trgrad, const DblNumVec &srcDen, DblNumVec &trgVal)
int DwnEqu2TrgChk_dgemv (Point3 srcctr, double srcrad, const DblNumMat &trgPos, const DblNumVec &srcDen, DblNumVec &trgVal)
int UpwEqu2TrgChk_dgemv (Point3 srcctr, double srcrad, const DblNumMat &trgPos, const DblNumVec &srcDen, DblNumVec &trgVal)
DblNumMat ctbSrcExaPos (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumMat ctbSrcExaNor (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumVec ctbSrcExaDen (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumVec ctbSrcUpwEquDen (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumVec ctbSrcUpwChkVal (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumMat usrSrcExaPos (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumMat usrSrcExaNor (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumVec usrSrcExaDen (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumVec usrSrcUpwEquDen (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumMat evaTrgExaPos (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumVec evaTrgExaVal (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumVec evaTrgDwnEquDen (int gNodeIdx)
DblNumVec evaTrgDwnChkVal (int gNodeIdx)

Protected Attributes

Point3 _ctr
int _rootLevel
int _np
vector< Node_nodeVec
Vec _glbSrcExaPos
Vec _glbSrcExaNor
Vec _glbSrcExaDen
Vec _glbSrcUpwEquDen
Vec _ctbSrcExaPos
Vec _ctbSrcExaNor
Vec _ctbSrcExaDen
Vec _ctbSrcUpwEquDen
Vec _ctbSrcUpwChkVal
VecScatter _ctb2GlbSrcExaPos
VecScatter _ctb2GlbSrcExaDen
VecScatter _ctb2GlbSrcUpwEquDen
Vec _evaTrgExaPos
Vec _evaTrgExaVal
Vec _evaTrgDwnEquDen
Vec _evaTrgDwnChkVal
Vec _usrSrcExaPos
Vec _usrSrcExaNor
Vec _usrSrcExaDen
Vec _usrSrcUpwEquDen
VecScatter _usr2GlbSrcExaPos
VecScatter _usr2GlbSrcExaDen
VecScatter _usr2GlbSrcUpwEquDen
Kernel3d_MPI _knl_mm


class  Node
 Node class for FMM3d_MPI stores access functions to NodeExt. More...
class  NodeExt
 Extra node information. Different from Let3d_MPI::NodeExt. More...

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