Kernel3d_MPI Class Reference

#include <kernel3d_mpi.hpp>

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Detailed Description

static class Kernel3d_MPI for 3d kernels of various types for parallel fmm3d code, fmm3d_mpi

Definition at line 81 of file kernel3d_mpi.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 Kernel3d_MPI ()
 Kernel3d_MPI (int kernelType, const vector< double > &coefs)
 Kernel3d_MPI (const Kernel3d_MPI &c)
Kernel3d_MPIoperator= (const Kernel3d_MPI &c)
int & kernelType ()
const int & kernelType () const
vector< double > & coefs ()
const vector< double > & coefs () const
int dim ()
int srcDOF () const
int trgDOF () const
bool homogeneous () const
void homogeneousDeg (vector< double > &) const
int buildKnlIntCtx (const DblNumMat &srcPos, const DblNumMat &srcNor, const DblNumMat &trgPos, DblNumMat &inter)

Protected Attributes

int _kernelType
vector< double > _coefs

Static Protected Attributes

static double _mindif = 1e-8

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