Let3d_MPI::NodeExt Class Reference

#include <let3d_mpi.hpp>

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Detailed Description

NodeExt stores information for a node such U, v, w, and X-lists as well as indices for contributor, evaluator and user nodes.

Definition at line 56 of file let3d_mpi.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 NodeExt ()

Public Attributes

vector< int > _Unodes
vector< int > _Vnodes
vector< int > _Wnodes
vector< int > _Xnodes
int _ctbSrcNodeIdx
int _ctbSrcExaBeg
int _ctbSrcExaNum
vector< int > _ctbSrcOwnVecIdxs
int _usrSrcNodeIdx
int _usrSrcExaBeg
int _usrSrcExaNum
int _evaTrgNodeIdx
int _evaTrgExaBeg
int _evaTrgExaNum
vector< int > _evaTrgOwnVecIdxs

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