MatMgnt3d_MPI Class Reference

#include <matmgnt3d_mpi.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Matrix Magament MPI implementation. Information for up/down equivalent/check surfaces contained here as well as how to transition and multiply between them. For use in fmm3d_mpi_eval.cpp in the FMM3d_MPI::evaluate(.,.) function. More information available.

Definition at line 36 of file matmgnt3d_mpi.hpp.

Public Types

enum  { UE = 0, UC = 1, DE = 2, DC = 3 }

Public Member Functions

 MatMgnt3d_MPI ()
 ~MatMgnt3d_MPI ()
Kernel3d_MPIknl ()
int & np ()
double alt ()
int srcDOF ()
int trgDOF ()
int dim ()
int setup ()
int report ()
int plnDatSze (int tp)
int effDatSze (int tp)
int UpwChk2UpwEqu_dgemv (int level, const DblNumVec &, DblNumVec &)
int UpwEqu2UpwChk_dgemv (int level, Index3 ii, const DblNumVec &, DblNumVec &)
int DwnChk2DwnEqu_dgemv (int level, const DblNumVec &, DblNumVec &)
int DwnEqu2DwnChk_dgemv (int level, Index3 ii, const DblNumVec &, DblNumVec &)
int UpwEqu2DwnChk_dgemv (int level, Index3 ii, const DblNumVec &effDen, DblNumVec &effVal)
int plnDen2EffDen (int level, const DblNumVec &, DblNumVec &)
int samDen2RegDen (const DblNumVec &, DblNumVec &)
int effVal2PlnVal (int level, const DblNumVec &, DblNumVec &)
int regVal2SamVal (const DblNumVec &, DblNumVec &)
const DblNumMat & samPos (int tp)
const DblNumMat & regPos ()
int locPos (int, Point3, double, DblNumMat &)
int samPosCal (int n, double R, DblNumMat &ret)
int regPosCal (int n, double R, DblNumMat &ret)
int cptwvv (int, double, fftw_complex *, int, fftw_complex *, int, fftw_complex *, int)

Static Public Member Functions

static MatMgnt3d_MPIgetmmptr (Kernel3d_MPI, int)

Public Attributes

Kernel3d_MPI _knl
int _np
bool _homogeneous
vector< double > _degVec
map< int, DblNumMat > _upwChk2UpwEqu
map< int, NumTns< DblNumMat > > _upwEqu2UpwChk
map< int, DblNumMat > _dwnChk2DwnEqu
map< int, NumTns< DblNumMat > > _dwnEqu2DwnChk
map< int, OffTns< DblNumMat > > _upwEqu2DwnChk
DblNumMat _samPos [4]
DblNumMat _regPos

Static Public Attributes

static double _wsbuf []
static vector< MatMgnt3d_MPI_mmvec

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