fmm3d_mpi.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

The file fmm3d_mpi.cpp provides implementations for all basic FMM3d functions except for the evaluate, setup, and check functions which have their own files. Some multiplication and vriable access is taken care of here.

Definition in file fmm3d_mpi.cpp.

#include "common/vecmatop.hpp"
#include "fmm3d_mpi.hpp"

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#define __FUNCT__   "FMM3d_MPI::SrcEqu2TrgChk_dgemv"
#define __FUNCT__   "FMM3d_MPI::SrcEqu2UpwChk_dgemv"
#define __FUNCT__   "FMM3d_MPI::SrcEqu2DwnChk_dgemv"
#define __FUNCT__   "FMM3d_MPI::DwnEqu2TrgChk_dgemv"
#define __FUNCT__   "FMM3d_MPI::UpwEqu2TrgChk_dgemv"

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