fmm3d_mpi.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Header file for all FMM3d_MPI functions. Most of the functions are located in fmm3d_mpi.cpp However, the evaluate function is in fmm3d_eval_mpi.cpp The check function is in fmm3d_check_mpi.cpp and the setup function is in fmm3d_setup_mpi.cpp These functions are separated as they are the longest.

Definition in file fmm3d_mpi.hpp.

#include "knlmat3d_mpi.hpp"
#include "let3d_mpi.hpp"
#include "matmgnt3d_mpi.hpp"

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class  FMM3d_MPI
 FMM3d_MPI inherits from KnlMat3d_MPI. Specific information for computing and using FMM are implemented here. Specifically, setup and evaluate and inherits source positions, etc. See knlmat3d_mpi.hpp for more information. More...
class  FMM3d_MPI::NodeExt
 Extra node information. Different from Let3d_MPI::NodeExt. More...
class  FMM3d_MPI::Node
 Node class for FMM3d_MPI stores access functions to NodeExt. More...

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