After years of drawing, painting and various art classes, I discovered my medium of choice, oil paints, my second year of college when I found myself inadvertently spending up to 10 hours a day in the studio. Early paintings were primarily expansive 4 by 5 foot canvases - free studio space allowed for such indulgence. The compositions included immature visual puns such as naked figures in a museum observing famous nudes clothed (Botticelliís Venus had a dress) or fragmented shards in a remarkably anal painting supposedly representing manic depression or blatant parodies of modern excesses. Cheap paint and a damp basement have left most of these early attempts in sad shape with a few exceptions hanging on my parents walls.

When I moved to New York, I was determined to develop formal technique. I enrolled in daily drawing classes at the Art Students League and began studying at Parsons. Work at Parsons consisted mainly of class assignments of models. Bored with the subjects, I experimented liberally with color. Some of the work from this period, can be found at this site.

After becoming confident in my life drawing ability, I enrolled in daily painting classes at the Art Students league where I studied with Mary Beth McKenzie, Peter Homitzky and Daniel Dickerson. Trying to develop basic skills resulted in way too many paintings of redundant model poses. However, I must note that I briefly was consumed by modern portraiture and found inspiration in Alice Neal. Some paintings from this period can be found here.

The past year of painting has been slow, but pure rebellion from my previous work. I have been all over the place. Huge abstracts with dripping thick paint, minimalist stripes, Hopper style city scenes, and uptight urban dwellers.

Current influences and admired painters include Albers, Rothko, Richter, Barnett Newman and Joan Mitchell. Other influences outside the realm of painting include James Turrell and Andy Goldsworthy .

Some day I will get my act together and properly document the work that I donít despise, but for now all I have are sparse low quality images.

Four paintings are currently being displayed at the ASL of NY at a group student show. These paintings and work from the past semester can be viewed here.