V22.0480-004: Undergraduate Computer Graphics, Fall 2004

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My exciting class notes, and your brilliant class participation.


Koray Kavukcuaglu
email: kk776@cs.nyu.edu

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Topics (approximately):

Introduction/Overview (Sept 7)

Notes on the Sept 7 lecture

Interaction/2D (Sept 9)

Here are the examples I showed in class

Assignment due Thursday, Sept 16

3D Matrices

Assignment due Thursday, Sept 23

Forward Kinematics

Simple audio example

Parametric Surfaces.

Assignment due Thursday, Sept 30

Ray tracing

Assignment due Thursday, Oct 7

Advanced ray tracing

Assignment due Thursday, Oct 21

Because all the things we're doing in ray tracing are so closely related, I'm giving you two weeks for this assignment (ie: it will be due on Thursday, Oct 21). But you should definitely get started on it now, because it is two week's worth of work.

Notes from Denis Zorin's guest lecture

Z-buffers, part 1

Assignment due Thursday, Nov 4

Z-buffers, part 2



Z-buffers, part 2

Assignment due Thursday, Nov 11

Spline curves

Assignment due Thursday, Nov 18

Spline surfaces

Assignment due Tuesday, Nov 30

Texture mapping, Animation, etc.

Final assignment (start working now!)

How to load an source texture image into your applet
Brief synopses of projects

Various advanced topics

IK example and tutorial
Here is the island example I showed in class