Phillip S Bachman psb217 at
zbuffer enhancement, shadows, particles, add animation to make it cool
David Blundell dbb221 at
spheres + user created textures thru an interactive(!) user interface using a u,v graph
Elliott Brueggeman edb224 at
several applets that are experiments in user interaction and GUI
Henley W Chiu hwc218 at
Mikhail Eltsufin me435 at
Texture mapping from MIP maps and procedural textures + volumetric rendering - maybe animation
Yevgeniy Eltsufin ye238 at
Simple randomly mutating organisms - female and male - noise for path
Leighton R Gordon lrg228 at
David Heliotis dth215 at
Image mapping and user interfaces - drawing on 3D objects?
Esther Iserovich ai342 at
Proc. texture using noise function and texture mapping
Brendan C Kenny brendan at
Prebaked procedural texture using noise function (shader function), model viewer (eg: stanford bunny)
Christo N Kirov cnk218 at
Texture mapping and bump mapping - maybe diff. lighting models
Milton C Kong mck232 at
Texture mapping from an image - add animation
Didier Latortue ddl224 at nyu.du
Texture mapping on a bat and baseball - bat hits the ball animation
Mariya Lysenkova ml834 at
Cube map - environment map - spline character looks around, add animation
Thomas C Michael tcm226 at
Elena N Potylitsine enp208 at
Christmas tree with ornaments, snow outside, train going around tracks
Denis Sakhno ds905 at
Texture mapped airbase with airplane flying over it along a path. Cool buildings on the airbase.
Benjamin D Schwaid bds231 at
Play with textures - both procedural and mip-mapping. - Animate the textures themselves.