My favorite links from the tangible interfaces page are here:
Joseph [Safaer]

Prof. Perlin, The first link you provided is AWESOME!!! Very interesting material all through, (never made it to the second link coz of this...), and some, in particular, really opened my mind to different ways of thinking. I found the dissertation by Fitzmaurice, Ishii & Buxton on "Graspable Interfaces" as well as the paper presented by Ishii(I think) at Siggraph on "Tangible Interfaces" to be excellent. I would love for us to discuss this in class today. I think they are fantastic examples of thinking outside the box. Also read through HyperGami, Block Jam, Reac Table, ClownSparcles, Tangible Viewpoints, DataTiles, and a few others. I am still reading so as to cover as much as possible for class. Thank you for pulling out this link for us, it has been fantastic reading... :) See you at class this evening... --Vidya [Pai]
Professor perlin, Among all the projects I could see on the website, two got my attention and they both have something in common: t hey are learning simulations. they are: airport sim circuit tui These days i had a discussion with some friends about how to teach something like trigonometry or linear algebra in very practical terms. And although the common idea was to use the computer, the problem is that not everybody are computer skilled, and that would just put an extra layer of complication upon the difficulties with the subject. The alternative would be to "mask" the computer with a tangible interface. I was wondering if the tool used to teach something has to be engineered specifically for what has to be communicated or if we can use general ools (such as the computer) and try to adapt the contents on it. With the table we are using for the museum, we adapt the subject to be taught (nanotechnology) to the interface. in other situation, like the CIRCUIT TUI, it is the opposite, and the tool is engineered considering what has to be taught. which one is the way to go? and if the answer is 'IT DEPENDS', it depends on what? If there is also extra time, I REALLY would like to know if there is any tangible device for disables. I am interested in this field, but I couldn't see anything on the websites linked to the curse page. I know in ITP they have some nice projects about this subject. I was wondering if you know what is the trend right now. Thank you very much and see you in class tonight :) Andrea Bianchi
Really cool links!