On a PC, it requires both Quick Time and a vdig driver. With some video cameras (eg: Logitech orbit), the latest version of vdig (1.05) won't work with QuickTime 7. If this is the case you need to fall back to vdig version 1.01, which requires QuickTime 6, not the latest QuickTime 7, so you'll need to uninstall QuickTime 7 and reinstall 6.5.2, and similarly uninstall vdig 1.05 and reinstall 1.01. The examples bundled with the JMyron (named for the physical media pioneer Myron Krueger) will allow you to get blob-tracking rectangles up on the screen quickly.

Here are the steps:

What follows below is the related info from Processing's web site.

Problems with Video (Quicktime for Java)

Getting video to work can be kind of a cluster, particularly on Windows. We use QuickTime for Java, which is sometimes difficult to install or can be flakey. Someday in the future perhaps we can circumvent this mess.

The QuickTime 7 upgrade released April 29, 2005 (and now included with iTunes 6) introduces its own unique set of problems. See below for more caveats and fun that are specific to your platform.

The message "This version of QuickTime for Java has expired" is an Apple bug, and is fixed in the version of QuickTime that is included with iTunes 6.0.1 (or later), or, as of 20 October 2005, is available separate from iTunes here .

You can find more discussion about video and problems that people have had over in the Video & Movies section of the discourse board. And if you find a bug, please use the bugs database .