Notes for December 2 class -- Working with a simple modeler / animation package

Starting to work with a higher level software package

This week we start working with a simple HTML5 based modeler and animation package. It's pretty much the same such package that I will be using for Chalktalk.

I wrote this package not to be complete and comprehensive, but to be easy to understand. You should feel free, if you are feeling particularly intrepid or inspired, to make changes, additions or other customizations to it.


Homework, due by start of class on Wednesday December 9

Between now and the rest of the semester you will be working with this package to "do your own thing". For example, you might want to write your own customized vertex and fragment shaders, or create complex organic shapes by using your own spline package, or create hierarchical mechanisms, such as a mechanical clock or automobile engine or wind-up toy. You might want to try to create animated characters, whether human-like or fancifal creatures, or entire architectural environments. There are many directions you can go.

For the last two classes (December 9 and December 16), you will have the opportunity to show what you are building, and to get feedback in class from me and from other students. I very strongly encourage you to make use of this opportunity.

Your final project will need to be completed by three weeks from now, specifically by the evening of Wednesday December 23.