Homework 3, due Wednesday morning, Feb 24

Starting with one of the projects or demos on my home page, describe a hypothetical technical research direction you would explore. I want you to really think about this.

For example, one example would be to allow users to create their own four dimensional objects using a graphic user interface. If you were to describe this one, you'd need to tell me things like what the user would see: what types of shapes would they be allowed to create, what sorts of manipulations would they do with their mouse to make it happen, how would you (in broad terms) test it all out to see which methods were the most effective?

Be creative on this project, but don't go totally off into science fiction (ie: no projects like ``then we'd beam it up in the transporter''). Have fun with it, but keep it plausible. This is a chance for me to see you doing some conceptual thinking and being creative.