Undergraduate Computer Graphics, Spring 99

This is a programming intensive course. There will be a midterm and final (because the deparment makes me have one), but be warned: homeworks count for a lot. Everyone needs to do their own work: sharing of assignments is not allowed. Violators will be shot on sight.

Some assignments will be tricky, others time intensive. In one semester we will be building computer graphics systems pretty much from the ground up, and many assignments build on previous ones, so you are well advised to hand things in promptly.

All programming will be in Java 1.0 or 1.1, and you will put your results (but not your source code!) on the Web.

The reference textbook will be: Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, C version by James Foley, et al, ISBN: 0201848406 Pub: ADDISON-WESLEY, 1996, 1174 pp. List Price: $68.95 U.S. You may also want to get a good book on Java as a language reference. One reasonable choice among many is: Java in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition, by Flanagan, D., O'REILLY, 1997.

You will need to maintain a web page from which to post your homeworks for this class, starting in the third week. If you are an undergraduate, then you should already have access to your own Web page, which you can use for this class. For instructions on how to set up a web page, look here. When you've set up your web page, email me the URL (my email address is perlin@nyu.edu). Note: you can edit web pages from your Unix shell account by typing "!" at the menus and then "cd pages". You can upload files to the account using ftp. If for any reason you have trouble establishing a web site, then let me know soon by email.

My office hours are 3-5pm on Mondays. My office is at 719 Broadway, 12th floor.

The grader is John Kachulis (kach7726@graphics.nyu.edu) When you email him your code, please identify in the subject line which homework you are sending (eg: HW1, HW2, ...), and put your name in a comment at the top of your code.