Project 4

Scribe: Jesse Shaver,
Server person: Julian Fisher
Presentation date: May 1

Project Plan:

Project Plan: We are creating an interactive website based on the mayan's in Mexico and their King Pakal who ruled from 610-683 A.D. We intend to implement this using three, possibly four actual games, that coincide with the Mayan's history and culutre. Group 4 believes that using the games will provide a fun tool that will be used by children and adults for fun and education.

Game ideas (to be implemented primarily using Flash): 1) Building the City of Palanque and the temples of Tikal- Deep in the southern jungles of Mexico and within the Tikal National Park in Guatemala lie the cities of the Mayans. Our first game would have the player building these buildings, temples and pyramids. In the process the player would find out about the Mayan G-ds, their ecomomy and way of life in general.

2) Maze/"Treasure Hunt" game - Mayans were the first to come up with the concept of "0". In this game, you'd be on a search for everything you need to come up with "zero" (like some kind of measuring tool, a Mayan mathematician, etc.) The game would be timed.

3) Fighting Game- The player would be Pakal, the most famous Mayan King, and he would be guiding his troops to defend against invaders and conquer lands within the jungle. This game will be based upon a particular historical battle and some problems the mayans encountered in their history which may not follow history exaclty but will provide fun for the whole family.

We may add more if time permits.

Other parts of the project:

-server stuff: depending on how it goes learning server-side stuff, we'll set the webpage up so that it is somehow personalized (saved info on how you did on the games, etc.)

-web design - someone will be responsible for putting this all together on a webpage

-historical info - we will be doing some research on the Maya, and someone in the group will be responsible

for organizing the info for the webpage, to tie the games together. This will probably be done in Flash. Also, this person would do winning/losing messages for the games, in Flash.

For now, we're keeping some stuff at: but this is just for the group's use, it's probably not the final place for the website.

Also, Julian Wonderlick hasn't met with us at all. Is he still part of the class?

-Group 4

Earlier notes:

Our concept is to have a website devoted to one central historical theme - World War II for example - with a few subsections. There will be several flash mini-games, to add a lighter side to the historical subject. There will also be tutorials with cute interactive characters teaching you how to use the games, also done in flash.

... And lest we forget, there will be some actual historical content too.

Our group contains several experienced coders, and a couple of experienced photoshop users, as well as one experienced flash user. We hope to all expand our knowledge of flash in the course of this project.