Project 5

Scribe: Nate Lipscy,
Server person: Sophia Yee
Presentation date: May 3

We decided to start off simple. One feature will be a karaoke-type site which the user can choose a song, set up a background (at first, background setup will be simply choosing a background and dropping characters into it) and then play. While the song is playing, lyrics will scroll across the screen.

Also, an interactive movie will incorporate simple riddle and puzzle games as well as other little games that we like along the way( space- shooter.. etc.) The movie will branch at breakpoints where the user must solve puzzles, play games and make decisions using buttons and whatnot.

Both of these features are easily enhanced and expanded. Allowing us to be flexible as we encounter problems.

We like the dress-up jesus and want to create our own using the characters from our music videos and movie.


Flash with action scripting will be used extensively to navigate the interactive movie. Some html but probably little to no java. Photoshop for images and graphics.

Useful Flash lessons:


We the people of group 5, have a basic idea of building a website geared towards children. Some features of this website will include making your own music video: having a bank of characters and props that can be animated and placed in a set and then set to music. Another feature might be a "choose your own adventure" style movie and some simple childrens' games. Flash will most likely be our tool of choice, but java could be good for the games. We will see how this plays out.