Project 6

Scribe: Nitika Jain,
Server person: Nitika Jain,
Presentation date: May 1

"On The Way To School One Day" (Title subject to change) This will be an interactive adventure geared towards children = (particularly elementary school children).

Intro Scene: a classroom, Mrs. Teacher in the front of the class = teaching: "Blah, blah, blah...." Our Hero bursts into the classroom, = saying "I'm sorry I'm late, but you'll never believe what happened to me = on the way to school today..."

(fade to Scene 1: Our Hero's bedroom) Scene 1: Our Hero is getting ready for school. Voice-over: "I was = getting ready for school when suddenly __________." Text options pop us = on one side:

a) a sudden urge to eat pop tarts overcame me, and I just had to run to = the grocery store

b) I remembered that I had to run an urgent errand for my mom at the = bank

c) etc., etc.

Scene 2: depends on the option picked by the user in Scene 1. Some = interesting, funny scenario will play out (aliens in the grocery store, = falling pianos on the street) which causes our hero to be late (and = later and later) for class.

Each scene will have its own music, color scheme, etc. If an option is not used in Scene 1 it may appear again in a later scene = option. At the end, our hero will arrive in the classroom, looking at = Mrs. Teacher, hoping she'll buy the story. We'll probably use some sort = of random algorithm to decide if she does or doesn't.

Technicalities: The entire project will be done in Flash. Each scene = in the project will be a scene in Flash. We're projecting a minimum of = 8 scenes, not including the first and last scenes. All graphics will be = drawn, scanned, and probably traced in Flash and animated. We're probably going to use an animated loop of our Hero walking as the = loading sequence for each scene, thus providing transition between = scenes.

Previous description:

An online story or mystery adventure geared towards children (or maybe "adult children"). We might take an existing children's fairy tale or story and provide animation and sound to it, or we might create a "choose your own adventure" type animation. We are still deciding between the two. We are going to use Flash and/or Java for this project. Our group is pretty diverse in our skills: with about half of us more experienced at progamming and Java, and the other half more experienced with graphics applications and web tools, so we should have no problem using either Flash or Java.