Project 7

Scribe: Dave Rifkind,
Server people: Gennadiy Vaynshteyn and Robert Laurente
Presentation date: May 1


Group 7 proposes to do a full feature web-site based around the 'hot dog community,' no joke. When one walks down the streets of Manhattan perhaps the most memorable thing is the hot dog vendor. The clean smell of hot dogs wafts through the street. Their onions and steaming hot fresh boiled texture make them unforgettable.

This is the kind of experience that we would like to bring to all the unfortunate people at home who cannot simply 'go get a dog'. The only way to reach these people, considering the fact that our location of operations is based in New York, is through the Internet. Please enjoy the following, thoroughly detailed plans to build the hot dog web-site which will take, not only America but also the world into the next millennium of finger foods.

Name: www.(hotdogs).com -this name is totally subject to change.

Product: Hot dogs of course!

Aspect of web design: (subject to change)

Front Page: Using state of the art, front-end and back-end programming technologies such as PHP, MySQL, LINUX, HTML, FLASH, PHOTOSHOP, JAVA, and others, for use in design, group seven will work forward to establishing dynamics.

The front page is our customer's first impression of us as a hot dog company. Do we want to sound pushy? No, however, we do want to sell hot dogs. A good front page is not only our way of conveying that hot dogs are good but that the user should buy our hot dogs.

Our front page should be easy to read and easy to navigate. Using frames and flash together fulfills this need. Our navigation bar will consist of flash, but it may or may not be a movie. (No more than 2 frames per page)

Along with the navigation bar, our theme character or our identity in terms how we want our page to feel should also be placed here. This could be on the sides or top, maybe even the bottom. The key is to make our user feel welcome and hungry no matter what!

Then our main content will follow accordingly. (we still need to work on this part)

Web page basics: The site will have the basics of an e-commerce store including most of the following:

(suggestions are welcome!)

Features: Features of the web-site are like farfetched ideas thrown into the wind. They are sometimes silly and sometimes serious however each and every one of them should be given the proper time and respect to see if they are workable and fit the theme of our web-site. Some ideas being thrown around are: The Mr. Potato Head hot dog machine- an applet or so that will let a user throw pieces of a hotdog into a machine and create a silly Mr. Hot Dog face. Message Board- of course for the online hot dog community. Games- how many hot dogs can you eat? Things that need to be discussed:

Please feel free to add suggestions