Project 8

Scribe: Elana Galperin,
Server person: Tom Germano
Presentation date: May 1
URL: Welcome to Survivor Island!

Group 8 has desided to change the theme of the project. We rejected the mystery game idea, and instead we will make a game based on the "abandoned Island" (the title is still pending). The adventurer (i.e. the user), will find himself on a deserted Island, and will have to struggle for survival. The user will have minimum tools, and will have a fixed number of days during which he is strangled on the island, and as result of his actions, he will either be rescued, or will die ;-(

The current state of the user will be monitored by a health meter and a sanity meter. The entire game will consist of tasks which the user will perform, and choices that he will make. Tasks will include making fire by rubbing wood (pressing keys on the keyboard as fast as possible), catching fish (with a mouse), finding drinkable water, building shelter, hunting, fighting off unexpected attacks by insects, animals, or pirates, surviving though natural desasters, and lonelines. Based on the successful (or unsuccessful) completion of tasks, the health and sanity of the user (I mean the strangled victim on the island) will be either increased or diminished.

The choices that the user will have to make will involve strategic thinking. For exampe, if the user has a certain amount of health, he can chose between eating and increasing his health, or collecting wood for shelter to protect himself, (and not eating, which will decrease his health), etc.

All tasks and choices will be timed, and if they are not completed within the alloted time, then the user will be penalized (by diminishing health and sanity). The game itself will have a timeline (we have considered anything between 60 and 90 days, though it's still being debated).

The user will have constant access to an island map, and will be able to click on the different regions he would like to explore. Also, as the user discoveres things on the island ,he will have an option to add them to the map.

There will be no animated character - the entire game will be in the first person - i.e, the so called "G-d view".

As with the previous project, we will use Flash, Java, HTML, ASP, Soundforge, Jeskola Buzz (last two are for music)

If there will be sufficient time, we will add user sign-in, high scores, multiple islands, etc.

All suggestions are welcome. >>>


Project title: Mystery game

Languages/Development software to be used: Flash, Java, HTML, ASP, Soundforge, Jeskola Buzz (last two are for music)

Quick description: This will be a full featured interactive multi-level game. The objective of the user (the detective) will be to solve the mystery which will be presented to him. The game will provide clues (both relevant and irrelevant), witness accounts, rumors (some true and some not), and various other information that the user will need to process to solve the mystery. Based on the decisions that the user will make the program will provide feedback to guide the user in the right direction.

More details will be worked out as the project is being developed.

Possible enhancements to be considered if there will be extra time: