Project 9

Scribe: Robert Redcay,
Server person: Stan Sagalovskiy
Presentation date: May 8

Whenever there's a "hi-tech" seen in a movie, you see some kind of fancy, eye-candy type operating system on the hero's computer screen. It usually involves blinking lights, loading bars, futuristic looking windows, etc. You may ask yourself: what kind of software is that? The answer, obviously, is that it's not software at all. It's an animation created by a graphic designer to look like interactive software.

Our project will be such a piece of software online, created in Flash. However, ours will be interactive (to a certain extent). The content of this "Flash OS" will probably be the dramatic profiles of career criminals (like an FBI's "Most Wanted" list). We think this will not only be a cool thing for users to look at, but also appropriate content for our "hi-tech" Flash OS.

There may also be other multimedia elements on the site, like mpeg movies of the criminals in action, jpegs (of course), sounds and the like. Our focus will be primarily the look of the OS. The content will hopefully be amusing, but is there mainly to warrant the OS.