Project 12

Scribe: Aarti Patel,
Server person: Edward Chan
Presentation date: May 3

Our production team's name is "Litterbox." We will have a .com domain name, which is yet to be determined.

Our project will a blend between a role-playing game and an interactive choose-your-own-adventure movie. There will be a panel of characters from which the user can choose to be identified with for the game/movie. Each is character is associated with its own environmental theme and personality, which color the game sequences. In fact, one of our character, which is in its developing stage, is the inspiration of our production team name. He is "Nichi," a parody on Nietzsche, who is a jaded, beer-guzzling, cigarette smoking cat. He represents our target audience: college students.

We plan to create the site using Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Java applets, HTML, and Director. We may decide to use other implementation tools as the project evolves.

Within the game, the following features will be used: sound (voiceovers, background music/sound/fx), interactive objects, embedded movie sequences, and other features yet to be determined. The user's character will move through the environment, choosing his/her path from limited set of choices that will be given to the user.

Other features of the website: 1) fake merchandise 2)"bloopers" of the movie 3)"biography" of each character in flash 4) ad spaces

We are open to suggestions and comments.