Project 13

Scribe: Allison Amini,
Server person: None
Presentation date: May 3

We plan to create a humorous website for a mock advertising agency, which provides marketing strategies for a wide variety of clients, in a wide variety of media. The tentative title of the ad agency is "We'll Sell Anything."

Basically, this website is an ad for the ad agency. It will be an interactive interface, where the user can browse through portfolios of previous clients, which will be posted to display the capabilities and past achievements of the agency. We will work collectively on the design of the web interface where we will display information about the ad agency such as our mission statement, our team members, our pricing information, and six different portfolios for six separate clients. Each member of our group will be responsible for creating one of these portfolios, which may include Flash movies, Java applets, video footage, and anything else we might think of.

Naturally, we will help each other out with ideas and implementation of our individual projects, as well as working together on the general structure of the website. We are still undecided with regard to the design specifics (i.e. what languages/tools we will be using, the appearance of the site), however we will attempt to impress you (as you requested), and Tom's got a digital video camera of which we plan to make plenty of use.

Please let us know of any questions or desired changes regarding our proposal.