Project 14

Scribe: Richard Rhodes,
Server person: Mark Mentovai
Presentation date: May 1

Our website, "" ( the Kid's Jungle), is going to be a place where kids can interact with other kids and be able to create something of their own and put it on their personalized webpage.

  1. Every kid can choose the background color of their page.

  2. Each kid can raise their own online virtual pet. The pet will need to be fed, rested, and taken care of regularly, meanwhile there will be gauges of how "happy" the pet is.

  3. we will have a section of simple flash games where kids can play and record their high scores. (i.e. pin the tail on the moving donkey, whack-a-mole, create your own funny zoo character, etc... )

  4. a bbs

Old project:

I work at Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club in Locust Valley, NY, and they just registered a domain name( I am probably going to be working as the computer specialist here when I graduate, and so when this project got mentioned I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get started. I spoke to my boss and he gave me the ok. He mentioned something about the Network guys saying that the page would be best done in Microsoft FrontPage. I don't really know anything about FrontPage, so my first question is whether or not it is appropriate. Anyways, here's a few things we will be looking to put on the page: