Project 15

Scribe: Michal Podgorski,
Server person: Michal Podgorski and Aleksandr Yampolskiy
Presentation date: May 8

Here is a list of our group's ideas for our website:

1. Overall, our site will focus on presenting a database of poetry. Other then just holding various types of poetry, our site will be enchanced by the features listed below.

2. The poetry database will be moderate in size. We will each pick out a few poems (with some artwork to spice up the page) and we can also divide the site into sections by person (i.e. Michal's picks, Jenya's picks... etc.).

3. One special feature will be an interactive Mad Lips. We will make up a few templates (i.e. stories with the mad lips cut out... verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.) and design a form where the user gets to go through each template, fill in their own words, and then see the results. Also, we will have one or two templates where the user selects from a list of preselected words and then an animation performs what happens in the story. We'll most likely use Java Servlets for the back end of this, and Java Applets for the animation (or perhaps Flash).

3. Another special feature will be a Magnet Poetry section. This will most likely be a Flash application. Here, the user can put together their own poetry and perhaps we will save it on our site so that others can look at it. As an added feature (time permitting) we will have Flash read the poem back to the user. We would use our own prerecorded voices for the words. It would sound a little funny, but that would be the point.

That's what we have for now!