Hi Ken,

So to follow up from our conversation on Saturday, here's the 
current status on the system from our end...

Our physical piece is not setup and running at the moment since 
it moved back from eyedrum, so your students won't be able to get 
real live data right now. But they can still write their web 
interfaces to send over data based on the PostXML.java example 
and check for updates using the status.php (they just won't be 
able to see the results until we get things setup again over 
here). The instructions/code that show how to post/receive 
messages to/from our server are here (in the first section, 
titled "for remote interaction"):


The second part "for FE plants" is our end, which we're still 
working on, but you shouldn't need this at the moment anyhow. 
We'll be working to reassemble the piece at GA Tech over the next 
couple of weeks, as well as get our website/documentation and all 
the code sorted out.

Let me know if you have any questions!

-- Ali

Plant images from April 6