Notes for March 22-24 -- Using the Matrix class, continued

Feel free to use the complete Matrix class I'm providing.

For this class I provided a complete version of the Matrix class, which you are welcome to use. It is here.

In that folder you will also find the examples we implemented in class of flapping, walking and perspective.



At the end of class we showed a cool animation:

Gas Planet



Homework (due before class on Tuesday March 29)

For this assignment I want you to make something really fun and creative and exciting. Just go to town with it. Think about 3D things you can make. For example, see whether you can complete the partial walking person that we created in class, and build that out into a complete walking human body.

Or you might even try to create an entire crowd of people.

Or you might want to create a flock of birds, building on the flapping animation we developed in class.

If you are in a dystopian mood, you can make the birds attack the people, or the people attack the birds.

Or see if you can make something four legged, like a dog or a horse.

It's really up to you. The important thing is to experiment and try things.

Also, for this assignment, please use the perspective transformation to make nearer things larger and more distant things smaller. You can see an example of this in the squuares.html example.

Remember: try to have fun with this assignment. Make something crazy and exciting, or beautiful and moving, or funny, or personal.

Surprise me. :-)