Notes for April 14 class

Using a 3D modeling package

In class on Thursday we took a tour through my WebGL based 3D modeling package CT_Modeler.js, the same one I implemented for Chalktalk.

There are fancier packages out there, but for our purposes in this class, this package has the advantage of being relatively small (just a few hundred lines of Javascript code), and therefore not that difficult to read through and understand.

The modeling package itself, as well as the simple example that we developed in class, are in



Homework, due by start of class on Thursday April 21

This is going to be a relatively simple homework, but it is extremely important that you complete it, because otherwise you will find it much more difficult to complete the homework which will follow after this one.

  • Look through the source code to CT_Modeler.js, and familiarize yourself with it.

  • Make your own simple scene. See if you can make an object hierarchy of some sort, using relative matrix transformations at each node of your hierarchy just as I did in class.

    Try out different shapes from the assortment of shapes in the modeling package, and see what you can come up with.

    Also try different materials.

Don't just do a swinging arm example -- I already did that in class. But feel free to expand out to an entire human body if you'd like.