Notes for January 30 class -- Fragment shaders

Fragment shaders!

We looked at a simple WebGL framework for writing fragment shaders. The code we started with, packaged as a zip file, is HERE

There are lots of functions you can call in your fragment shader, in addition to the sin(), cos(), min(), sqrt(), and step() functions I showed in class.

HERE is a quick reference to all of the things you can call. Look especially at page 4, at the list of Built-in Functions.


Due next Tuesday before the start of class

NOTE: You do not need to email your homework to the grader each week. You just need to post your homework to the website that you use for this course.

Replace the simple fragment shader from my example with something for more exciting, visually interesting, thought provoking or aesthetically pleasing.

Have fun with this assignment. Go crazy with it. Create something wild and original. Don't hold back!