Notes for February 27 class
Last Thursday in class:

We mainly went over advanced topics related to procedural techniques.

At the end of class we watched the Academy Award winning short animated film Ryan.

Today in class:

We mostly went through the process of passing multiple matrices to the fragment shader as uniform variables, and also transforming different spheres by different matrices.

We also showed how to use such a uniform matrix to transform vertices in the vertex shader.

HERE is a link to a somewhat cleaned up version of the code we wrote in class. Feel free to use this code as a reference if you want to keep working on your homework, but please don't just hand in this code as your homework. I'd like to see you do your best to create something interesting and original.

No new homework this week.

I'm giving you a chance to catch up if you are falling behind.

In class today we also went over parametric representations of cylinders, spheres, etc., and I will put those notes up on-line shortly.