Setting up your website to post assignments for this class:

Students in this class generally fall into three categories:

Only those falling into the last category should have received an email from CIMS.

If you are unsure which category you fall into, you can follow the password reset link:
You will need to create your website under /web// or "public_html" on the CIMS systems, and then your main webpage folder will appear as<net_id>.

For more info about that, you can also refer to THIS PAGE

Once you have your CIMS website set up, then to post assignments you should set up a subdirectory of your main website. Name this subdirectory "graphics". It should have a main "index.html" file, and that file should link to the various homework assignments.

As per homework assignment 0, you will need to send the grader an email telling him the URL.

In order to make sure your files have the proper permissions (so that the graders can read them), follow these instructions.

If you are on a Unix or Linux system (eg: you're on a Mac running OSX), one way to upload files from your computer to the NYU server is via the command line in a terminal window:

scp FILE

If you are on a Windows machine, you can either user the free program winSCP, or you can download pscp from

You can also log into your CIMS account, where you can then run Unix commands right there, such as create subdirectories. To log in remotely:


Do not contact the CIMS staff directly for help with issues regarding this class. You need to work through the graders, either by sending them an email, or else by talking to them during their office hours.

If you are having trouble with file permissions, etc., the first thing you should do is follow the troubleshooting instructions found HERE.

You need to ask the graders (not the CIMS IT staff) if you persist in needing help with any of the following: