Some NTSC-safe colors:

I asked Clilly Castiglia what colors we could use for our lab's VRML models and Java applets that would not look garish or weird when shot on video. Below are the ones she came up with. I made this table up so people could see what these colors look like and use them as a guide.

It seems that the general principle is to use pastel colors, that are mixtures of red, green and blue, while avoiding "pure" colors that mainly consist of a saturated red, green, or blue.

If anybody has a particular nice looking video color that they'd like to add to this list, please send me an email. Thanks! - Ken Perlin, NYU Media Research Lab

Color   R G B hexcode
Blue   0 98187#0062bb
Purple  161 0193#a100c1
Orange  230 73 0#e64900
Peach creme  255108 56#ff6c38
Yellow creme  255200 95#ffc85f